The Magic Cat

Ralphy loved being the Wizard’s cat. He got to eat all the fresh fish his stomach could handle; and there was absolutely no work to do! Before the Wizard took him in, he had to hunt rats and birds to feed himself, and that was a lot of work! Now, all he had to do was help himself to the scraps in the Wizard’s kitchen, and there was plenty of those!

What he loved the most, however, was the Wizard’s spells! He never knew magic was so easy! The first time he dabbled in magic was the time he sprinkled a couple drops of the “Fisherman’s Trance” into the Wizard’s tea. That worked out very well. For the entire day, all the Wizard could think about was fishing! That is, after he made a fuss about the few broken potion bottles Ralphy accidentally knocked over with his tail. Ralphy had scampered off and up into his favorite tree upon hearing the commotion he had caused. It was only a few moments later when the Wizard came home and discovered the mess. From high in his perch, he had watched the Wizard make plans to go visit Humphrey the Drwarf — to have new locks made for his cabinet — and then, all of the sudden, he had turned towards the lake to fish! Ralphy ate very well that night!

Since then, Ralphy has advanced far in his magic. Whenever the Wizard leaves, he watches from his perch in his tree until the Wizard is completely out of site; then he climbs down and into the house through his cat door and hops onto the Wizard’s cabinet, where he studies every spell he can understand. He has since learned how to levitate; how to hurl a fire-ball; and how to enhance the volume of his meow, making it echo from all directions!

These new powers amused Ralphy tremendously; and he would often show off in the woods, impressing the other animals with his skills.

One day, after the Wizard left, Ralphy discovered one of the Wizard’s secret hidden potions. He was chasing a mouse when he tripped on a small wooden box stashed behind the cabinet. Distracted by the strange artwork on the lid, he gave up on the mouse and searched all throughout the cabin until he found the key. When he opened the box, he discovered a scroll of parchment tied to a small bottle.

Consumed with curiousity, as was his nature, Ralphy unravelled the scroll and began to read…

“For those times when loneliness just won’t do, all you need is a drop or two. But use with the uttermost caution; and be thus warned: do not use on they who mourn!”

Now what in the world could that mean, thought Ralphy. After pacing back and forth for a few moments, he decided there was only one way to find out. He just had to test the potion on something, or someone. “I know,” he said. “I will place a couple drops on a fish, and leave it by the garbage for the raccoons!.”

And that is what he did. He didn’t mind wasting one of his brim on the chance to learn a new powerful magic. He sprinkled two drops onto a nice filet, then placed it by the garbage, climbed up into his tree, and waited.

It didn’t take long for the aroma of the fish to catch the attention of a young female raccoon. She carefully left the protection of the treeline and followed her nose to the fresh filet. When Ralphy saw her, he climbed down from the tree as quietly as he could to get a better view. As the young raccoon began to naw on the the fish, Ralphy watched in anticipation. But after a few moments, nothing happened. He watched as she ate the entire fish; and when she was finished, still nothing.

Ralphy couldn’t help himself. He had to ask her if she felt anything. “Excuse me,” he said. Upon hearing Ralphy’s voice, the young raccoon slightly jumped. Then, as she cast her eyes upon Ralphy, she instantly fell in love!

“Oh, my,” she said. “You are a handsome thing, aren’t you!” Then she ran over to Ralphy, grabbed his face, and planted a firm, wet kiss on his lips. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” she asked.

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