Vampire Throne

The Fifth French Revolution began in 2030, and culminated in the complete transformation of Europe. The Gilet Jaune (Yellow Vest) Movement put Jean Kristof Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sole surviving heir, on the throne of France. True to his heritage, he immediately reformed the military into the most powerful fighting force on earth. Once again, French domination began.

The Imperial Army invaded England first, then Germany; and then spread like wildfire throughout Europe, invading every country, abolishing the European Union, and establishing the New Napoleonic Code of Equality and Justice.

Then began the Peace. Europe was enjoying a new era of prosperity and equality, although many former oligarchs suffered.

Emperor Bonaparte took a young German princess as his wife, and she became Empress Brunhilda Bonaparte. She was loved by all the people, for she was very kind to them.

A year later, the young royal couple celebrated the birth of their first-born son, Duke. The entire empire rejoiced, for their was now an heir to the Throne of France, and the Empire was secure.

Only an elect few knew that Empress Brunhilda was a vampire. Naturally, her blood passed to her son; and the heir to the Throne of France had darkness in his veins, and a hunger for human blood.

Thus begins the tale of Duke Bonaparte, the Vampire Prince.

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